Sunshine Project and the College Students Training Program for the class 2017 Completed Successfully

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With the development and growth of Xin Point, new employees are constantly joining this dynamic and vigorous team. At 17: 30 p.m. on July 16, 2017, the opening ceremony was ceremoniously held in the conference room of the headquarters of Huizhou Keen Point Industrial Park Group. Ma Xiaoming, Chairman of the Board and President of Xin Point Holdings Limited, and some senior executives of the group headquarters and subsidiaries in Huizhou met with all the college students. At this point, the College Students Training Program for the class 2017 was officially launched.

At the meeting, Mr. Ma delivered a speech, first expressing his welcome to all 130 college students, then describing the company's current situation, industry prospects and development direction, and finally giving concrete guidance and expectations to college students' work methods and ideas and career development in Xin Point. After that, President Ma Xiaoming answered the questions that college students are concerned about at the meeting.


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