Signing Ceremony and Unveiling Ceremony of the Agreement between Xin Point and HIT on Building a Social Practice Base for College Students is Successfully Held


    On the morning of July 26, 2013, the signing ceremony and unveiling ceremony of the agreement between Xin Point Corporation and Harbin Institute of Technology on building a social practice base for college students  was held in the Conference Room of Xin Point Corporation. President Ma Xiaoming, Marketing Director Meng Jun, CTO of Project Department Yang Qianshun, Zhang Yumin, General Manager of Huizhou Keen Point Precision Plastic Co., Ltd., Deputy General Manager Li Zhihua of Huizhou VM, Deputy General Manager Zhao Bixiu of Huizhou Keen Point Precision Plastic Co., Ltd., Deputy General Manager Liu Shaoman of Huizhou Xin Point Surface Decoration Co., Ltd., Zhang Zhixian, manager of the group's R&D Department, and Wang Yesheng, guest alumnus, Huang Yudong, president of Harbin Institute of Chemical Technology, and Yue Huimin, deputy Party secretary of the Institute of Chemical Technology, attended the ceremony, as well as current and previous alumnus of Harbin Institute of Technology and 20 interns of the class 2014 Harbin Institute of Technology.

    Huang Yudong, president of the Institute of Chemical Engineering of Harbin Institute of Technology, gave a detailed introduction to the history of Harbin Institute of Technology,  the Institute of Chemical Engineering, and its expectations for school-enterprise cooperation and many measures. He said that the Institute of Chemical Technology has always made personnel training the top priority. Through social practice, students can fully connect theory with practice, form a rigorous style of seeking truth and pragmatism, and continuously develop into first-class innovative talents. At the same time, he affirmed Xin Point's training model for college students. From the results of social practice and students' feedback last year, the practice in Xin Point has really gained a great deal. The students reflected that the benefits from the management of the enterprise, the culture of the enterprise, the talent strategy of the enterprise, the scientific and technological development of the enterprise, the responsibility to the society and so on are very impressive. This activity was listed as the first of the " top ten" students' social practice activities of Harbin Institute of Technology.  He also sent a message to the 2014 intern, hoping that everyone would make full use of this opportunity to have a careful and detailed understanding of the production management mode, process flow, company culture and other aspects of Xin Point Corporate and to raise questions based on what they have learned, so as to contribute to the development of Xin Point Corporate.

   President Ma Xiaoming  and Yue Huimin, vice secretary of the Party Committee of Institute of Chemical Technology of HIT, signed the Agreement on Co - construction of College Students' Social Practice Base between the Institute of Chemical Technology of HIT and Guangdong Xin Point Corporate and the 2013 Cooperation Agreement on College Students' Practice.

  After the meeting, Ma Xiaoming, Huang Yudong, Yue Huimin and the company's top executives visited Xin Point and had further exchanges.