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Plastic Surface Treatment Technology Status and Xin Point Key Process Introduction

Writer:From AresDate:2017-08-08
      With the rapid development of nowadays industrial science and technology, the application of macromolecule plastic products in our daily life is extending at a highly increasing speed. Especially, across the world automotive industries, plastic surface treatment tech is mainly used in Automotive interior and exterior decorative field, with good decorative function, good resistance of corrosion and friction performance, good mechanical behavior and other typical functional requirement.
      Xin Point has always been holding the perception of scientific and technological innovation, as well complying with market and automotive industry development, to devote ourselves in plastic surface treatment technology region. Our key process includes plastic electroplating, painting, PVD, printing and laser etching, etc.
Plastic electroplating
      Comparing with metal plating, the plastic products after chroming are not only having the effective metal appearance but also achieving lighter weight structures than metal products, together with reducing the process difficulty and productivity cost. What’s more, enhancing mechanical performance and corrosion resisting property, is another good point besides of improving plastic decorative appearance as well. 
      We Xin Point can produce electroplating parts base on ABS, PC+ABS and PA/Nylon material, with chroming finishes as Cr 6+ bright, satin color, and other special color as Cr 3+ bright and black as well. And new chroming color development is always in our researching list. Demands from customer and market lead us to be coherent and never stop moving.
Plastic Painting
      Utilizing the pressure from the compressed gasto spray paint oil, which is spread to paint mist from nozzles,is a kind of major plastic surface painting approach. The purpose of painting is to generate a continuous and stable paint layer so that the paint layer could optimize appearance effect,give a full protection and achieve some certain specific functions. The main painting oil categories which are adopted to plastic substrate include PU, UV, solvent base paint and water base paint, etc.
      Water base painting and UV solidified High gloss painting are our main process considering environmental protection concern.
      PVD is Physical Vapor Deposition. It's a physical treatment process. In vacuum chamber,we utilize discharge from low voltage but high density current electric arc to vaporize target metal material and ionize the evaporant. After that,the evaporant from target metal material will deposit to the plastic substrate surface to generate a metal layer under the boost of electric field.
      Xin point has developed PVD technology for many years. And we are able to promise the functionality and appearance which have already achieved a fairly level accompany with highly controllability.
Pad printing & Silk printing & Laser etching
      In order to achieve some certain specific finished appearances, we have set printing and laser etching as auxiliary process for chrome electroplating and painting process. Such as pad printing is used to print a pattern on a painting button component surface,silk printing is used for a steering wheel DAB emblem to create different colors’ combination. Even we are able to print colorful patterns on a chromed surface. Laser etching is utilized to etch out a symbol or logo on PVD and painting components which are usually light transparent functional buttons.      These auxiliary processes might be combined to one component at the same time. And we have rich experience to finish various processes’ combinations which involve electroplating, painting, printing and laser etching in the meanwhile.
Pad printing
      Indirect rubber head printing technology has become a popular approach to print patterns and decorate on various substrate surfaces.
Silk printing
       Direct letterpress printing technology is another main approach to decorate on various substrate surfaces.
Laser etching
       It is a kind of surface treatment which is used to etch dark color paint to obtain different kind of patterns according to the optics theory.
      This is the brief introduction of plastic surface treatment technology and our key process ability introduction. With unlimited passion, our professional R&D team has been keeping pace with the development of the market. Demands from customer, end buyers’ feedback is our direction that we are always focusing on and fighting for.

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