Comprehensive Research & Development capability and advanced industrial technology are the core competitiveness of the company

Comprehensive Research & Development Capability

(R & D) Capability

We have carried out extensive and in-depth exploration and development in the material properties and injection molding process of the products

We are experienced in traditional electroplating technology and continue aiming for optimization and enhancement

We also provide our customers with the latest spray painting and physical vapor deposition (PVD) options and other new technologies

R & D Team

Our R & D department has more than 300 staff, including experts from Germany and Canada, specialized in electroplating and electrochemical production technologies

More than 90% of our R & D staff are college graduates or above, majored in engineering, chemistry, materials science and other disciplines

Intellectual Property

A portfolio of intellectual property formed by trademarks, patents and know-hows has been established to fully protect intellectual achievements

Around 40 patents have been obtained in China, including know-hows and technologies in equipment, products, processes and other aspects

Advanced Industrial Technology

Industrialized production process

Intelligent mold design and electroplating result simulation technology have improved our production efficiency

Automated high-speed five-axis robots have enhanced the production quality in key processes

The information-based electronic control systems monitor and adjust production data in real time and accurately control production status

Complete Range of High-quality Products

We are experienced in the surface processing technology on soft and hard resin, with the possibilities of a wide range of materials

We provide full spectrum of state-of-art auto decorative parts, with the combination of different metallic looks, laser etching technologies and colorful neon splashes

We provide corrosion resistant, scratch resistant and aging resistant products with stable and robust quality in performance