Vertically Integrated Business Model

Vertically Integrated Business Model that enables One-stop service capability and engages clients during preliminary stage of production cycle

Component development / Program Management

Collaborate with customer on component design at an early stage

Develop and improve product design by professional 3D data software under drawing and  specification requirements

Mold design and fabrication

Design and fabricate molds by high precision machineries

Measure and monitor the structure/outline of molds and products by 3D scanning machineries

Plastic injection molding

Master multi-material plastic injection molding technique to fabricate components with complex structure and better performance

Utilize highly automated machinery to achieve high yield rate, efficiency and cost benefit


Operate large-scale electroplating lines to ensure production efficiency and capability to treat large-size components

Utilize highly automated production lines to achieve high yield rate, efficiency and cost benefit

Spray painting / PVD / Printing

Integrate multiple technologies, such as PVD, laser carving and printing to achieve exquisite and complicated decoration surface

Utilize automatic spray painting lines with robot arms to achieve high yield rate, efficiency and cost benefit


Proficient in various assembling technologies and techniques

Equipped with multiple sets of high-precision assembling machines

Packaging and Quality Inspection

Inspections and quality tests carried out at each manufacturing process

Capable of performing dimension measurement and functional test

Global Supply Chain Management

Provide global supply chain management service to all customers

Provide stable supply of products through the management of several third-party warehouses in each target market