Xin Point Holdings Limited was founded in 2002 as a leading supplier of automotive plastic electroplating parts in China.Xin Point Holdings Limited has a sound production base network with its head quarter in Huizhou China. The production plants are strategically distributed in different locations in South China, East China and North China. Xin Point Holdings Limited is the second largest supplier and the largest exporter of automotive plastic electroplating parts in China.

  • Published:2017-09-15

    An internship group from School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Harbin Institute of Technology arrived at Xin Point Corporation to have a ten-day internship on 15th August, 2017.

  • Published:2017-09-15

    As Xin Point Corporation growing stronger, another group of new employees joined the energetic team. At 17:30 16th July, 2017, saw the grand opening of the orientation in the meeting room of headquarters in Huizhou Keen Point Industrial Park. Mr. Patrick Ma, Chairman of the Board and President of Xin Point Holdings Limited, and the top managements of headquarters and subsidiaries of Xin Point Corporation attended and met the 2017 fresh graduates,

  • Published:2017-08-08

    With the rapid development of nowadays industrial science and technology, the application of macromolecule plastic products in our daily life is extending at a highly increasing speed. Especially, across the world automotive industries, plastic surface treatment tech is mainly used in Automotive interior and exterior decorative field, with good decorative function, good resistance of corrosion and friction performance, good mechanical behavior and other typical functional requirement.

  • Published:2017-08-04

    16:00 May 4th, 2017 saw the Xin Point Corporation 2016 Technical Improvement and Innovation Meeting held in Headquarters in Huizhou Keep Point Industrial Park. 27 projects, 156 people and 4 teams were awarded. Mr. Patrick Ma, Group Chairman and CEO, presented the prize to the 27 representatives and gave a speech.

  • Published:2012-05-11

    March 4, 2012 The Group's management, general manager, deputy general manager and general manager of the Group's functional departments and their subsidiaries gathered at Huibo Garden Hotel in Huizhou City to make a report on their work in 2011 And the 2012 workplan for one day. (Group Human Resources)

  • Published:2012-08-09

    Nick-Safety Plating:

    ---Xinpoint built a new plating processing line that s Nick-Safety Plating on Nov.25 2005